Thursday, June 7, 2012

DG01: Sungod-Cuts from the Ether

DG01: Sungod-'Cuts From the Ether' CS
August of last year, SUNGOD recorded a live session on KVRX. The four song set was played by a four piece incarnation of Sungod including Alex Hughes (bass/bells) and Tyler Taylor (synths/addition guitar). Opening with the patient tangerine dream tinged 'Gas is Better than Gas'. A primitive synth sequence plays over wailing guitars, pounding in-and-out drums and a snarling bassline. From this song the band drones with harmonium, synth and electric guitar swells..making up what's now called 'Plasma Frequencies.' This serves as a transition into the cosmic bebop beat of 'Constellation of Ions', a booming pulse under soaring synth, compounding guitars and bass. Finally, the set closes off with 'Kraut Schulze'..a riffy surf from the intrepid tempel, blasting with kick drum, fuzz and space noise. Sungod has teamed up with Dusty Grass Imprints, for the first installment “Cuts from the Ether", a limited 100 CS release.

Track listing:
1. Gas is Better than Gas
2. Plasma Frequencies
3. Constellation of Ions
4. Kraut Schulze

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  1. is this a tape only release?

  2. A digital copy is available at